No More BFI Top 100

Back in January I announced that I was going to attempt to see every film in the BFI Top 100. This would run alongside my accompanying mission to see the whole of the IMDb Top 250 (click on the green icon to the right of this post to see how far I've got).
Having made no progress when I last blogged about the list in March, I resolved that I would do better when May came around. May is now here and I am still no further into the list. I could make all manner of excuses about being busy with work or being unable to find said films, but excuses are not what you want to hear - and they are not what you deserve, whether in an idle tweet or a full-length post.

When I started going through these lists, I did so because I wanted to increase the range of films I was seeing. They were an incentive to keep me watching films, encouraging me to see 2 or more a week. But there was in hindsight a danger that I would be going through these lists because I felt I had to - because I had made a commitment to my readers (fans, if you will) and that going back on said commitment would look unprofessional.

But let's be frank - I'm doing this blog for the fun of it. Not just in the sense that I don't earn any money from it, but also in the sense that I find it fun to write about film in such an in-depth, analytical manner. I never want to get to a point where doing my reviews or maintaining this blog feels like hard work, and there is a risk that if I keep obsessively persevering with these lists, then watching films will stop being fun - and I never want to reach that point.
As a result, I will no longer be posting updates on the BFI Top 100. I will mention it if I review a film that appears on the list, but you won't get updates about it every other month. I'm going to keep the IMDb posts at once every two months for now, but that may be reviewed at some point in the near-future. Hopefully this will spur me on to watch a wider range of films, with a little less self-created pressure.

Thanks for your time.