FROM THE ARCHIVES: Murder on the Titanic - Part I (28/6/10)

Welcome back to From The Archives, as we continue our voyage through my student comedy writings. Having finished off The Case of the Brown Ruby last week, we now embark on a whole new voyage with Dr. Hans Battenberg and Schnepps - Murder on the Titanic.
Tom and I were really proud of The Case of the Brown Ruby, and we bowed out as Mumbling On on June 25th 2009. But while Alex, Seb and myself all went our separate ways to our respective careers (or lack thereof), Tom stayed behind at Warwick Business School to do a masters. During this time he remained involved in RaW, co-hosting Rupert & Tom's Lucky Dip.
Tom and I met up whenever possible to chat and work on musical projects, and we were both keen to give Battenberg and Schnepps another outing. Having worked out the basic plot movements with Seb over emails and Facebook, we convened at Tom's house for a reunion weekend in January, and over the course of a day came up with the entire script for a two-part story. We then recorded the script before Seb and I departed, leaving Tom plenty of time to edit it together. Murder on the Titanic eventually premiered on June 28th 2010 on a special programme called Mumbling On The Refreshing Lucky Dip, featuring the three of us and our good friend Joel Strohmeier.
The writing process for Murder on the Titanic was very different to the previous spin-off. Not only were there different time constraints, but we had a much better idea of where the story would go, having discussed the plot in the weeks prior to coming down. Tom had pushed to do a story set on the Titanic, and to make it a parody of Agatha Christie's Poirot, which had played such a big role in the origin of the previous story (read about that here). Whether through the tight deadlines or the rich subject matter, we came up with some really great material, pushing the story and characters to their ludicrous limits and coming up with a great song to boot. I've no idea how we came up with the Time Travelling Pirates, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Here is Part I of Murder on the Titanic for your enjoyment. We join our heroes in the present day, as they come up with a novel solution to global warming, and travel back to 1912 to join the Titanic on its maiden voyage:
Part II will be along next week :)