FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Case of the Brown Ruby - Part III (18/6/09)

Welcome once again to From The Archives, the section of the blog devoted to the comedy series I created as a student. This week we're rounding off The Case of the Brown Ruby, the first solo adventure of Dr. Hans Battenberg and his assistant Schnepps.
Last week I talked a little bit about the writing process for The Case of the Brown Ruby, and how Tom and I had to work hard to ensure all the different story threads fitted together. This last episode was even more of a headache, since we were now dealing with time repeating itself and the same people coming into a scene that their future selves had just left - it all got very Timecrimes at times. We spent a lot of time tearing our hair out over how many time machines there could be at a given point, to what extent the characters could interact with their past or future selves, and of course whether all of this was still funny enough to warrant so much effort.
In the end, however, I think we really pulled it off. Without wishing to give too much away, I think these episode contains some of the best one-liners Tom and I ever wrote. Some of them tread a line between awful and awesome - the door joke being a great example - but I'm really proud of this spin-off and this part in particular. Tom's production as ever is superb, especially the pitch alteration for the traumatised boy's cameo and the rain in the opening section. For all the pain it caused us, I still think the time travel stuff is very funny, and I hope you think so too.

Here then is Part III for your pleasure and enjoyment. Next week we begin the next adventure of Battenberg and Schnepps, as they journey back to 1912 for Murder on the Titanic...