Dunkeswell: War Stories - 'The War in 4'

Early last month I did a post on here about Dunkeswell: War Stories, the online interactive documentary I have been involved in through my work with Dream Machine Media. The documentary is now available in its entirety here, but today I'd like to show you one very special part of it.
Part of our brief from the Blackdown Hills AONB was to conduct a series of sessions with local schoolchildren, using the films we were shooting to teach them about local aspects of the war and showing them how to make films of their own. For our first session with Broadhembury Primary School, we wanted to do a short history of the Second World War to serve as a light-hearted introduction to a complex and multi-layered subject. So we came up with the idea of condensing the main movements of the war in Europe down to four minutes, relaying them in a style of an old-fashioned BBC or Pathé newsreel.
We filmed 'The War in 4' at my boss' house near Taunton, complete with costumes, props and a green screen. It was enormous fun to play several different characters with nothing more than a suit, glasses and various backgrounds, and the end result went down really well with the children. This sketch is now a part of the official learning resources for Dunkeswell War Stories, so all the world can see it!

Here, then, is 'The War in 4', co-written by and starring yours truly. You can find all the other learning resources here, and watch the documentary in full at your leisure here. Thank you :)