BLOG SPOT #12: LOstnWOnderland

Welcome once again to Blog Spot, the monthly feature where I promote the work of other bloggers I admire. This month we're going down the rabbit hole, and taking a look at LOstnWOnderland.
A lot of the non-professional reviewers I've highlighted in this section have been like myself, focussed mainly on in-depth reviews with the occasional diversion into personal interests or passion projects (in my case, From The Archives). LOstnWOnderland, on the other hand, is far more bespoke in its construction, designed to showcase Natasha's film reviews, poetry, prose and her many insights into the medium she loves. It feels like a careful labour of love, and while it is occasionally hard to navigate, there is a reassuring feeling that only the best content ever sees the light of day.
As you might gather from the title, Natasha is a huge fan of all things Alice in Wonderland. The site is full of fanart and interesting compositions which elaborate on the themes and characters of Carroll's novels. But she is also a huge fan and accomplished critic of all things horror, with an impressive collection of memorabilia (under 'My Precious's'). She recently gave an in-depth account of the Texas Frightmare Festival (here), and her horror reviews contain some of her best work.

You can read Natasha's reviews at, and can also follow her updates on Twitter @getlost_alice. I'll be reviewing Disney's Alice in Wonderland in a few weeks' time, so watch this space.