FROM THE ARCHIVES: The Yesterday Show Grand Finale (10/3/09)

Welcome once again to From The Archives, the weekly trawl through my comedy writings for Radio Warwick.Today we're wrapping up our look at The Yesterday Show with the Series 2 Grand Finale.

With Tom and I both being in our third year at Warwick, we took the view that carrying on our radio commitments during our exams would be immensely foolish. As much fun as Mumbling On and The Yesterday Show were to create, they also took a lot of time to prepare - especially for Tom, who handled all the editing and production on the recorded segments. So when it came to the last show of the spring term, we decided to do the sensible thing and bring back all the characters we could for one last big bash.
Much like the Christmas Special, the final show was structured around the characters coming together to discuss a theme. In this case we went just a little meta (or knowingly self-important), having them talk about the impact that Mumbling On has had on the world. Almost all of the characters that are introduced get a look-in, even if it's only one line, and they all have some kind of role in the final song - a reworking of the Buggles classic, 'Video Killed The Radio Star'.
I remember three things clearly about this episode. The first was sitting on Tom's bed, rewriting the lyrics to the song and working out which character would sing which part, all in around 10 minutes. The second was recording the different vocal parts, involving a lot of repetitions so that Tom could turn one man into a multi-part choir (once again, brilliant production). And the third thing was that I kept corpsing whenever we came to Croaking Chris' line about the euphonium, and Tom had to leave the room until I got it right. The following term I would play Birdboot in Tom Stoppard's The Real Inspector Hound, and would suffer the exact same affliction (though not caused by euphoniums).
In addition to reprising his role as Schnepps, Tom makes another on-mic appearance as Dumb Derek Armstrong, Croaking Chris' son who communicates entirely through playing the piano. Seb doesn't appear, though he did turn up for the final live show, Mumbling Off (see above). Alex's bit in hindsight was perhaps a little too abrupt, considering how his character had been developed, but he still makes the very best of it and his fate is still ultimately fitting.

So here it is then - the last ever episode of The Yesterday Show:
While The Yesterday Show is now done and dusted, From The Archives is far from over. Next week we return to two of the show's most-loved characters as they embark on their first of three multi-part adventures. Join us next Friday for Part 1 of The Adventures of Battenberg & Schnepps: The Case of the Brown Ruby...