BLOG SPOT #10: Luch's Classical Journey

Welcome once again to Blog Spot, where I take a break from self-publicity to bang the drum for other, more creative talents.
Following on from last month's post about Radio Dead Air, and my last post about PhoniCon, this month I'd like to highlight a more local radio talent. Ever since I started hosting my Tuesday morning breakfast show, Good Morning with Mumby, today's featured presenter has taken over the reins from me at 10am and done a sterling job. I speak, of course, of Luch Càise-Dearg (pronounced Luke Kar-shar Jer-rug), host of Luch's Classical Journey.
Put simply, what Luch doesn't know about classical music probably isn't worth knowing. His shows contain a wide range of classical music, from Handel's Water Music (one of my favourites) to Japanese organists and everything in between. His presenting style is gentle and inviting, providing you with a wealth of information and pulling you slowly but surely into the workings of the genre. He also has a reputation for highly distinguished guests, many of whom perform live. In the last two weeks he has played host to talented flautist Ruth Molins (below) and the internationally acclaimed concert pianist Roger Woodward.
What appeals me about Luch, aside from his presenting style, is his genuine passion for local classical music. His show and the blog that accompanies is serve as a comprehensive What's-On guide for the city of Exeter, and he goes out of his way to highlight and support local talent. The show is a breath of fresh air against the often stuffy, London-centric content of Classic FM and BBC Radio 3; listening to my show and his back-to-back is proof of the amazing variety that you can only find on community radio.
Luch broadcasts on Phonic FM every Tuesday morning from 10am to 12pm. You can tune in via or on 106.8FM if you live in or around Exeter. You can follow the Classical Journey blog here or follow Luch on Facebook here.



  1. Thanks Daniel - It's been great working with you!

    Top photo: Josh Clarke conducts at the Uni Gilbert & Sullivan Soc's production of 'Pirates of Penzance':

    Bottom photo: Michael Brailey (Devon's 'Young Composer of the Year' 2011) and Rebecca Willson (Dartington Piano & Composition Graduate) in the Phonic FM studio to discuss their amazing 'Nonclassical' concerts at the Bikeshed theatre - founded in collaboration with Gabriel Prokofiev.

  2. Thanks Luch. Maybe we should do a joint show sometime?


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