Riding Lights Roughshod: iWitness

I've not been online too much these past few days, having been filming on location in north-west Wales as part of my work for Dream Machine Media. But even after climbing up mountains, going down Bronze Age copper mines and driving hundreds of miles, I had to take time out of my busy schedule to tell you all about the latest show from Riding Lights Roughshod.
I recently blogged about the main Riding Lights tour taking place at the moment; a different drum has opened to rave reviews, and you can read all about it here. But even as that show makes its way around the country, Roughshod are embarking on a five-month (yes, five-month) tour of their new show called iWitness, built around sketches and stories which challenge our ideas of justice, forgiveness, truth and faith. It promises to be a fantastic and entertaining show with much to make you laugh as well as ponder.
iWitness is touring nationwide from February 24th to July 14th - just before the annual Summer Theatre School, which you can read about here. Venue information will be announced very shortly, so for this and more plot details keep your eyes peeled on the Riding Lights website here, from which you can also order tickets. If you want to read more about the ethos of Roughshod, as well as get an idea of who will be performing, check out this post from last-September when the new company was announced.

Right, back to work - and that goes for me as well as Roughshod.