LETTERS OF NOTE: Sean Penn is Pissed

Sean Penn is someone whose ability as an actor is matched only by his tendency to raise hell. He famously attacked Madonna with a baseball bat during their four-year marriage (Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!), but today's Letter of Note concerns a very different kind of violent outburst.
In January 1999 Penn had just completed work on The Thin Red Line, a film which marked the return of director Terrence Malick after two whole decades. Malick had invited Penn to a red carpet screening in Houston, Texas, and being pushed for time Penn asked 20th Century Fox to lay on a private jet for him. When Fox refused, saying that it would cost too much and violate company policy, Penn put pen to paper in a blistering tirade against Fox in general and Rupert Murdoch in particular.

The full text of Penn's letter can be read here. The fact that he included 'God Almighty' in the list of names to be copied in should give you a fair idea of his mindset.