BLOG SPOT #9: Radio Dead Air

Welcome once again to Blog Spot, where I take the time to promote the work of other reviewers who have influenced or inspired me. This month we return to That Guy With The Glasses, to take a look at the work of Nash Bozard (often just called Nash) and his long-running radio station, Radio Dead Air.
I can't remember a specific review or appearance which got me interested in Nash's work; it may have been his brief appearance in To Boldly Flee, or one of his many cameos in Todd in the Shadows' pop song reviews. But in a way that's fitting, because Nash's great gift as a presenter and reviewer is his ability to make anything sound interesting. His shows are well-prepared and distinctively presented, the content always strives to put a unique spin on the material, and he has a great sense of perspective which really comes out in his writing. He may not suffer fools gladly (especially if they come from Florida) but he's always looking to appeal to the everyman, whether through intelligently-formed arguments or a dark sense of humour. Or a hammer.
Nash's 'wheelhouse' is  What The F*** Is Wrong With You?. Every week he and co-host Tara Deenihan trawl through stories about their fellow human beings doing really stupid things and attempt to understand what drove them to these points via tears, strange anecdotes and hysterical laughter. The stories range from the hilarious (a man who literally attempted Snakes on a Plane) to the horrifying (a women who hid knives... about her person) to the downright bizarre (a man who tried to make up with his girlfriend by stealing a tonne and a half of hay). It's not at all for the faint-hearted, but if you love black comedy or just want to let off some steam, it's one of the most cathartic and consistently funny shows on the internet.
But there's a great deal more to Nash than just screaming in despair at human idiocy. Since joining TGWTG he has branched out into several other series, often involving cameos and crossovers with other reviewers. Until recently he co-hosted Tuesday Tech Talk and How To Do It with Jason 'Lordkat' Pullara; what they don't know about computers probably isn't worth knowing. There's also The Musical Chair, involving detailed retrospectives of little-known artists, and the recently-retired Doctor Who Classics, where bad episodes of the classic series (and some from the new incarnation) are dissected by this long-time Whovian. His latest series, Here There Be Dragons, looks at 1980s fantasy films, and it's already turning out to be very good.
You can watch Nash's videos via TGWTG, or his website You can also follow him on Twitter @Nash076. There is a live show featuring WTFIWWY every Monday night from 9pm EST, with all the episodes being uploaded by the Friday or Saturday of the same week. If you want an inclination of the tone of the series, I would start with either 'A Better Love Story Than Twilight' or 'Booty Call Ninjas' (both of which co-star JesuOtaku).