Riding Lights: a different drum

The last time I spoke about Riding Lights on this blog, I talked about their Senior Youth Theatre's production of Inherit the Earth, which started out as a devised piece at one of the Summer Theatre Schools I was lucky to attend. Now the company are embarking on a national tour of a show they first premièred 15 years ago - a different drum.
First performed in the autumn of 1998, a different drum begins in 17th-century Derbyshire, as the small village of Eyam is beset by plague and cut off from the outside world. The play follows the changing actions and attitudes of the villagers, interwoven with other stories of individuals throughout history who displayed great self-sacrifice in situations where self-preservation would usually triumph. For a good idea of the tone, check out the brand new trailer below:
a different drum is touring nationwide from January 31st to April 27th. You can find all the details about the show, venues and how to book tickets by visiting the Riding Lights website here. There are still a few spaces in the tour, so if you can help to fill one of the slots, contact the tour manager Rachel Price on (01904) 655317 or email touring@rltc.org. This has all the hallmarks of a really great show and I am determined to catch it when it reaches Bristol at the end of March.

To finish things on a more cinematic note, here's a different 'Different Drum'. It comes from Peter Gabriel, and his great soundtrack of Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ: