LETTERS OF NOTE: Mark Twain is Santa

Another post courtesy of Letters of Note, this time with a much more seasonal feel to it.

Most of us who've grown up with Christmas have come to appreciate the lengths to which parents go to hide Christmas presents and, up to a certain edge, maintain the existence of Father Christmas. Whether it's ensuring the mince pies left out have been scoffed or simply falling up the stockings while the children sleep, parents go a long way to making Christmas magical.
But for all their efforts, perhaps no-one was quite so adept in this field as Mark Twain, who has become something of a regular presence on this blog. On 1875, after his 3-year-old daughter Susie had written her letter to Santa, he went as far as crafting an ornate and witty reply, which she found on her pillow in the morning. You can read the full text of the letter here: it's rather rather sweet.

Only 5 more days and then it'll be Christmas. And if you awake to find a letter on your pillow come Christmas morning - then Samuel Langhorne Clemens was especially good at his job.