Advent Tea Notes: The Results

At the end of November I did a post about counting down the days of Advent by trying different kinds of tea, and in doing so raising money for the Coventry Cyrenians. You can read the original post here, but now that Advent has come to an end, it's time to publish the results.

On the whole, this has been an enjoyable thing to do. The qualities of the tea have been variable but there's far less guilt associating with guzzling chocolate than there is with unwrapping different coloured envelopes of tea. I'd definitely consider doing something like this again in the future.

So, for those among you who haven't been following my progress on Twitter (@mumbyatmovies), here are the classified results:

Day 1 - English Rose-flavoured black tea: "Disappointing. Nice aroma but overly bitter & hard to drink without milk. Not a good start"
Day 2 - Darjeeling: "Much more like it. No real aroma but clean, fulfilling taste and quite refreshing. That's better"
Day 3 - Indonesian spiced chai: "I like chai but this was a let-down. Nice aroma but too much black tea and not enough flavour"
Day 4 - Chinese white tea with cherry blossom: "Nice subtle taste completely swamped by glace cherry aroma, simply doesn't work"
Day 5 - Sage & Lemon Myrtle c/o Heath & Heather: "Little aroma but quite subtle and nice after-taste. Good to drink at night"
Day 6 - Indonesian black tea with vanilla: "Smells like super-sweet, syrupy vanilla, takes like ordinary black tea. No good"
Day 7 - Assam with milk: "Good strong taste, malty but not overpowering and pleasant after-taste. Much more like it!"
Day 8 - Indonesian black tea with mango: "This one does vaguely taste of mango, but the aroma is far too sugary. Got any more assam?"
Day 9 - Green Rooibos & Honey c/o Heath & Heather: "Delicious. Warm honey aroma but crisp clean taste. Very refreshing!"
Day 10 - Ceylon with milk: "Lovely crisp, citrusy taste with a subtle aroma. Very easy to drink. I like this stuff a lot"
Day 11 - "Pomegranate-flavoured white tea: "Quite sweet in a good way, with nice clean taste & pleasant aroma. We're on a roll!"
Day 12 - Indonesian Spice Imperial flavoured black tea: "No aroma, slight citrus/ woody taste but pretty bland overall. Let down"
Day 13 - Indonesian Earl Grey: "Vague taste of bergamot but not strong enough for my tastes. Never mind"
Day 14 - Lapsang Souchong: "Very smokey even with full milk, after-taste a little odd but a good palate-cleanser. Not bad"
Day 15 - Sri Lankan orange blossom with honey: "3 different tastes: zesty orange, then bitter black tea, then sweet honey. Very strange"
Day 16 - Twinings green tea: "Subtle taste, really crisp and invigorating. This is pretty nice"
Day 17 - Aloe & citrus flavoured green tea: "Smells off-puttingly like Strepsils, but barely tastes of anything. Curious"
Day 18 - Nondescript white tea: "Light, slightly sweet and subtle taste, very delicate flavour. Good but not memorably so"
Day 19 - Moroccan mint: "Strong spearmint aroma coupled with cool, refreshing taste. Very good when feeling fluey"
Day 20 - Russian Caravan: "Vaguely smoky and malty taste, but no strong aroma to back it up. Pleasant enough but a little flat"
Day 21 - Strawberry & orange flavoured green tea: "Aroma is very syrupy, but thankfully it still tastes pretty subtle"
Day 22 - Chinese Sunshine Grey with lemon: "Lemon goes well with bergamot, but both are ruined by the very bitter black tea"
Day 23 - Twinings green tea with lemon: "Very refreshing, not too sour but plenty of zest"
Day 24 - Christmas tea: "Lots of cloves & cinnamon so a very woody taste, not spicy enough for me but still good. Merry Christmas!"