Dumbshow are Barking (and in Camden too)

To make up for a few days without a review, and a slight delay with my new WhatCulture! article, here's a little something to tide you over, courtesy of Dumbshow Theatre Company.
Three of Dumbshow's members, two of whom were in the cast of Clockheart Boy, have written a new 30-minute radio play called BARKING. It's a really good dark comedy about one's neighbours, and you can download or stream it from their website here.

If, while you're there, you click on the 'Blog' tab (or just click here if you're really lazy), then you can also subscribe to their podcast. The episodes are pretty infrequent, but when a new one comes along it's usually full of good stuff.
Oh, and one more thing - if you happen to be in Camden on December 8th, you might want to hang around the Camden People's Theatre. Why? Because this will be happening: http://www.dumbshow.org/shows/youtopia