BLOG SPOT #6: Movies with Mitch

It's the 13th day of the month, which must mean it's time for another Blog Spot. This is my regular feature where I big up the work of a fellow film reviewer, professional or amateur, in order to boost their profile and generally spread good will. Well, something like that.
This month I'd like to draw your attention to Movies with Mitch, which has been running in its present form since 2010. When I was getting started in my reviews, on Rotten Tomatoes and subsequently Three Men on a Blog, Mitch's reviews were among those that I took as a general yardstick against my own style and quality. If Mark Kermode was the measure by which I judged how detailed and analytical I was being, Mitch was one of the reviewers who ensured my work remained populist and accessible (which I hope it still is).
I also like Mitch because of how his site is structured. He has gone to great lengths to personalise every section, including his pleasingly cheesy 'Mitches' scale in place of stars (I've attempted something vaguely similar with my Mumby at the Movies cameras). Above all it's a good, accessible and entertaining site with enjoyable opinions and a pretty wide range of content and genres to get your teeth into. If you're just getting started in reviewing (and I still think I'm quite the rookie), this is a good place to pick up tips.
You can access Movies with Mitch here and like his Facebook page here.