LETTERS OF NOTE: Tom Hanks and His Typewriter

Another little titbit from Letters of Note, this time regarding American actor Tom Hanks, of whom I'm a really big fan (but then who isn't?).
Three months ago the Nerdist Podcast were attempting to recruit Hanks for an interview on their show. Noting that he was an avid collection of typewriters, they sent Hanks a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter as a gift to encourage him to come on the show. Hanks responded with a charming and very funny letter, typed on the Corona, which can be found here.

You can hear the instalment of the Nerdist Podcast in which Hanks featured here. And while you're at it, why not wing over to Lionheart Radio and check out my previous work at The Movie Hour podcast? You can either click here and scroll through the interviews section, or click here for links to all the individual podcasts - it's entirely up to you)