LETTERS OF NOTE: Samuel Barber

Today's Letter of Note concerns Samuel Barber, one of my favourite classical composers.
Barber was something of a child prodigy, who began composing his first opera at the age of 10 and was only 26 when he wrote his most famous piece, 'Adagio for Strings' (subsequently used in Platoon). In 1919, at the tender aged of 9, he wrote a letter to his mother saying that he felt composing music was his true calling, and imploring her to not force him into playing sports in place of this. Barber would go on to enjoy a successful career, culminating in winning the Pulitzer Prize for Music twice, in 1958 and 1963.

You can read Barber's letter to his mother here. If you want more information about Barber's music and its use in film, then either check out my review of Terence Davies' The Deep Blue Sea (which uses Barber extensively) or take a listen to this recording of his most famous work: