LETTERS OF NOTE: Harper Lee Returns

I realise you've been quite a while without a review from me now, but I hope this Letter of Note will tide you over until my thoughts on Berberian Sound Studio have come together (believe me, with a film like this, it takes time).
Today's Letter of Note brings us back to Harper Lee, the author of To Kill A Mockingbird about whom I last blogged in April. Lee is well known for eschewing her deserved fame and refusing to give interviews - you might well call her a recluse. So it was a little surprising when a letter she wrote to Oprah Winfrey surfaced in the press in 2006 (in Oprah's own magazine, to be precise). Both Lee and Winfrey have been advocates of reading among young children, and her letter contains a fair bit of wisdom about the importance of reading in our technological age.

You can read the full text of Lee's letter here, and my post about her struggles with a Virginia school (from April) here. If you want more of Oprah, check out my review of Steven Spielberg's The Colour Purple here, in which she has a supporting role.