I Want Your Suggestions for the Ultimate Star Wars Drinking Game!

Having recently finished my reviews of the Star Wars prequels (here, here and here), and being halfway through my Star Wars reviews as a whole, I've come up with an idea.
I'd like your suggestions for a Star Wars drinking game. I know there's a few of them out there on the internet, but considering a few of my friends are contemplating going through the series, I thought it might assist them in having a few way to make the prequels less painful, or enjoy the good ones even more.
So, between now and whenever I decide the cut-off date is, I'd like your suggestions for a new Star Wars drinking game. The only rules are that they have to be entertaining or funny, have to about something that happens relatively often, and should reflect your feelings towards the films. I'll give you a few of mine to start you off:

- Drink once every time either Vader, Palpatine or the Emperor says "Good"
- Drink once every time Chewbacca speaks (open to interpretation)
- Down your drink and shout "INCEST!" every time Luke and Leia kiss
- Drink once every time something happens that makes the Jedi look stupid
- Drink once and mutter "Donovan" every time Julian Glover appears in The Empire Strikes Back
- Drink once and scream every time R2D2 flies [seethes]
- Drink once every time Luke draws his lightsaber first in a duel (he's surprisingly aggressive)

Eventually I'll collect the best suggestions together and compile a blog post on them. If you want to make suggestions for specific films in the series, that's fine - I'll do a small section on each film and a general section for stuff that happens throughout.

(other brands are available which are not endorsed by the Sith)

I look forward to hearing your suggestions. May the Force (and the booze) be with you.

UPDATE 18/9/12: I've decided to set the deadline for submissions as 24 hours after my review of Return of the Jedi has been published. Since I write reviews as a relatively slow pace, I'd say that give you about a month to post your suggestions. I look forward to receiving them.



  1. - Take a drink for every piece of CGI that didn't appear in the original versions
    - Take a drink every time something goes wrong with the Millenium Falcon
    - Take a drink every time someone says 'midichlorians'
    - Take a drink every time Hayden Christiansen tries to act
    - Take a drink if a Stormtrooper actually hits something they were aiming at
    -Take a drink and mutter 'Rebel Scum' every time a Rebel starfighter is destroyed
    - Take a drink every time a Stormtrooper in full body armour is killed in a single blaster shot
    - Take a drink and mutter 'plot armour' every time a Rebel with no body armour survives a blaster shot
    - Take a drink every time CGI characters' animation desynchronises from their voice actors' speech
    - Take a drink and say 'Choose Life' in a bad Scottish accent every time Obi Wan kills somebody
    - Drink continuously whenever somebody is getting Force-choked
    - Finish your drink if you suddenly wonder why the Death Star didn't just blow up/fire through the gas giant
    - Finish your drink if at any point you're struck by how funny Kit Fisto's name is
    - Finish your drink and physically assault the nearest person if Han shoots Greedo in self-defense in the version you're watching. Finish another if you don't understand why you needed to finish the first

  2. All good suggestions Andrew, will take them on board.


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