LETTERS OF NOTE: From Groucho to Woody

Today's* Letter of Note concerns two of America's most-loved comedians, Woody Allen and Groucho Marx.
It should come as no surprise to learn that Allen and Groucho were very good friends, with Groucho describing Allen as "an original... the best, the funniest" in a 1972 interview with Roger Ebert. The two men corresponded regularly right up to Groucho's death in 1977, with this particular letter being a half-apologetic one from Groucho for not writing for some time. Being Groucho, he apologises with jokes, remarking that "there is no money in answering letters—unless they're letters of credit from Switzerland or the Mafia.".

You can read the full text of Groucho's letter here. And for more on Groucho, check out my last words article for WhatCulture! here.


* I say today's, when in fact this was posted on Letters of Note last Friday. I've been in London all weekend and am still catching up.