More Radio Announcements

Back at the end of July I posted about my new radio venture with Phonic FM in Exeter (which you can read all about here). A lot of stuff has happened since then and it only feels fair to bring you all up to date.

Firstly, In The Mood for Mumby is now a fixture at 4-6pm every other Sunday (including this coming one, the 26th). It will consist of me playing my favourite music for two hours, along with Stay in on Sunday (my DVD recommendations) and a whats-on feature called 7 Things to Do in 7 Days.
Secondly, I've also managed to take over the Tuesday morning breakfast show. The first ever Good Morning with Mumby happened this morning between 8am and 10am, and was broadly speaking an enjoyable success. This will be every week, unlike In The Mood for Mumby.

For both of these shows I am looking towards setting up a blog or blogs along the lines of my previous blog for Mix and Match with Mumby when I was still on Lionheart. As much as radio ties in with my film interests quite frequently, I don't really want to clutter up this blog with track listing posts - though I may still post short links to said posts, perhaps just via the Twitter feed in the top right of your screens.
Thirdly, I am going to be involved in the launch of another community radio station, Radio Ottery in Ottery St. Mary. There is a trial broadcast (of sorts) taking place this weekend (25th and 26th), and I am in the process of editing together a show on film soundtracks (how predictable). Rather than be a live broadcast, the trial is set up like iPlayer, so you can go to the station's website ( and download/ stream mine and other shows at your convenience. If the trial is successful this project could really take off, so I'll keep you posted on that front.

I think that covers everything for the time being. Thanks for following my blog and remember to tune in!