LETTERS OF NOTE: Kerouac's "Great Sex Letter"

Another Beat Generation-related post from Letters of Note, this time focussing on one of its most celebrated figures, Jack Kerouac.
In 1947 Kerouac received a letter from his friend Neal Cassady detailing two of his most recent sexual encounters. Kerouac was deeply inspired by what he later dubbed "The Great Sex Letter", incorporating its uninhibited, free-forming style into his own writings and using Cassady as the basis for Dean Moriarty in his seminal novel On The Road.

The full text of The Great Sex Letter can be found here, while my previous Beat post, on William S. Burroughs' relationship with Truman Capote, is available here. The film adaptation of On The Road, directed by Walter Salles, will be released in UK cinemas on September 21st.