BLOG SPOT #2: Film Master Journal

Welcome to the second in my newest feature, Blog Spot, where once a month I single out another person's blog for some attention.

I'm looking to strike a balance with this feature between professional sites like Best for Film and Kermode Uncut and amateur efforts from people like myself. When my friend Thomas Wales and I were redesigning this blog (which will be completed by Monday), we trawled through a lot of blogs to research features and aesthetics that we liked. And the one that ticked the most boxes for both of us was Film Master Journal.
Film Master Journal is the brainchild of Thomas Pollock, a filmmaker and cinephile from Belfast in Northern Ireland. In addition to making his own short films and uploading them to his YouTube channel, Indie House Films, he sees up to 14 films every week and blogs with undeniable energy. His blog has a lot of good features on it, especially around different marathons and his Charlie Chaplin reviews, and his writing style is starting to develop into a genuinely rounded and mature means of expression.
Additionally his blog is well laid-out, and clearly a lot of time has been spent putting all the complex HTML together. It doesn't feel like a standard template which is being overcompensated for by limitless graphics.

Check out Thomas' work on his blog here and his YouTube channel here. Comment here or there with what you think. And keep an eye on the blog for the upcoming facelift, once Tom (my HTML expert) pulls his finger out...