The Last Movie Hour... Ever!

I'm going to be relocating to Devon on July 7th, and so tomorrow will be the last chance to catch The Movie Hour on Lionheart Radio with Richard Dale and my good self. Fittingly enough, it's our 65th episode, so it really feels like the right time to retire.
Because it's the last-ever show, we will be having a two-hour special rather than just the one hour. The first hour will be as per usual - we'll look at the local releases and Box Office Top 10, preview the week's new releases and look at a cult film, which this time will be George A. Romero’s seminal zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead.

Then, in the second hour, there will be a look at five ‘Ones That Got Away’ - films that are deserving of cult status but just not good in their own right. There'll also be a brief list of films to look forward to in the next six months, and - best of all - a countdown of my Top 10 Movie Hour Rants. It's not to be missed!

Tune into Lionheart Radio online via from 10am to 12pm tomorrow to catch the show live. Alternatively, if you live in the Alnwick area, you can tune in via 107.3FM. As and when both hours have been edited, they'll be uploaded to the website as downloadable podcasts, and I'll post the links to this and any outstanding instalments on a later blog post.

Thanks for supporting the blog and The Movie Hour since I started the programme back in November 2010. Here's hoping we go out on a high!


P. S. You can also catch my last-ever Mix and Match with Mumby the following Thursday from 1-3pm.