BLOG SPOT #1: Best For Film

A thought occurred to me when I was writing my last blog post. I've been trying in the reviews I write and the posts I put up to direct as many people to my work (makes sense - I'd like my stuff to be read so my effort isn't wasted). But it's equally valuable for me to point you in the direction of other blogs and reviewers that do great work, and who make a contribution to film reviewing at large.

So I thought for a brief second, and have decided to start a new monthy feature on this site called Blog Spot. Once a month I'll be directing you to a film blog which offers something different, something I'm interested in, or which provides an interesting counterpoint to my own reviews. And be assured, I won't just direct you to sites who agree with everything I have to say.
We'll kick off this new feature with Best For Film, a London-based film blog edited by a fellow Warwick University alumnus, Natasha Hodgson. They provide consistently entertaining reviews which are brutally honest, tongue-in-cheek and very accessible to casual film fans. Their site is very user-friendly and nicely designed, with a recurring motif of doodling over photographs with Microsoft Paint (classy).
Among their regular features are Oranges and Lemons, where the editorial team pick out the films to see and skip when Orange Wednesdays come around each week; Cheat Sheets, so you can show off your knowledge about actors and directors when you're round the dinner table; and competitions where you can win film and TV DVDs and boxsets. There's also the odd poll or Top 10 list knocking around.
Check out Best For Film here and leave comments below on any other blogs you'd like to see covered. Happy browsing!