ANNOUNCEMENTS: Move-Related Hiatus

Just a head's-up that I probably won't be posting on here all that much over the next couple of weeks.

Basically I'm in the process of moving house, from Northumberland down to North Devon, with the big move taking place next weekend. In the meantime I have not only quite a bit of packing to do, but a big job interview next Tuesday and another at some point before the end of July. Plus my Australian cousins are coming to visit not long after I've moved.

As much as I love blogging on here, it seems downright foolish to concentrate my energies on anything other than these things. I'll still watch films as and when I get the chance (we all need a break), and I may occasionally have time for a short post if there's a Letter of Note that sticks out. But in terms of genuine reviews you probably won't see or hear much from me until after July 13th, when I hope to be back firing on all cylinders, and at the very least will have for you a completed review of Ridley Scott's Prometheus.
Thanks for all your comments and patience thus far, see you in a couple of weeks!