LETTERS OF NOTE: John Cleese, The Sun and the Rain

Another tasty morsel from Letters of Note, this time concerning Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
During the filming of the third and final Monty Python film in 1982, The Sun printed a story about John Cleese having an altercation with a group of extras dressed as Zulu warriors. According to the article, Cleese, who frustrated by the numerous rain delays to the shoot, "leaped about among the extras demanding "Which one of you bastards did a rain dance?"."

There followed a frank, fruitless and often hilarious exchange of letters between Cleese and Kenneth Donlan, Managing Editor of The Sun. The letters and a photograph of the original article can both be found here. As Cleese's fellow Python Graham Chapman might have said, it started off very nicely, but then it got silly.