Give Iron Sky the Release it Deserves

It's been many years in the making, but this year the niche Scandanavian sci-fi B-movie parody Iron Sky is coming to UK cinemas.

Or maybe not.
I've been looking forward to the release of Iron Sky since I first heard Mark Kermode talking about in 2009. The basic idea of it - Nazis returning to invade Earth after many years hiding on the dark side of the moon - sounds brilliant, especially when you add the knowingly low-budget look of the film and a cameo performance by Flesh for Frankenstein star Udo Kier.

I think the film deserves to be seen by a wide audience, but Revolver, who are distributing the film in the UK, take a different view. They think the best way that Iron Sky can make money is to give it a one-day cinema release - specifically Wednesday 23rd May - and then shove it out on DVD and Blu-Ray in such a way that only genre fans will hear about it.

I've been very supportive of day-in-date releasing (i.e. simultaneous release in cinemas, on DVD and on download), but the way in which Revolver have gone about this striked me is petty-minded and desperately unfair.

If you agree, please visit the Iron Sky site ( and/ or watch this vlog by Mark Kermode explaining the merits of the film. You'll also find the original blog from which this story originates here.

If you like the film having seen those things, please pester Revolver to widen the theatrical release by one or more of the following (all would be nice!):

Many thanks.