LETTERS OF NOTE: So It Goes... Again

Today's Letter of Note revisits the withdrawing of author's works from school circulation for fear that their content may be harmful or inappropriate - fears that all too often are completely misplaced.

Last time we heard about Kurt Vonnegut, whose masterwork Slaughterhouse-Five was withdrawn from high schools in North Dakota due to its "obscene" language. This time it's the turn of Harper Lee, who was informed in 1966 that Hanover County School Board in Virginia had ordered all copies of her novel to be removed from school libraries in that county, believing its contents to be "immoral".
Lee's response, which is typically intelligent, can be found here.
While we're on the subject, who's is the better depiction of Harper Lee: Catherine Keener in Capote, or Sandra Bullock in Infamous? Let me know below.