Happy Easter

I'm off to Manchester this weekend to spend Easter with friends and do some work on a musical project. I therefore won't have much time for blogging about films, so I thought I would leave you with a little something to tide you over.

Just as everyone has their favourite Christmas film - mine being Whistle Down The Wind - so there is some debate over the best Easter films. There's a fair few candidates which often crop up - The Passion of the Christ (which I'm not a fan of), The Last Temptation of Christ (very interesting) and Jesus of Nazareth (reasonable). But this year, if you're stuck for what to watch on Easter Day and the latest BBC version doesn't grip you, I recommend that you track down The Miracle Maker (review here) from the year 2000. Featuring Ralph Fiennes as Jesus and a screenplay from Murray Watts of Riding Lights Theatre Company, it's a very good stab at a story which is so well-known and yet so difficult to tell.

Whilst I'm here, check out the Myspace for Cosmo Duff Gordon and The Boudoir Sponges, the musical projects of Tom Wales with whom I am spending this weekend.

Have a great Easter, God bless and I will see you soon.