An Introduction

Welcome to Mumby at the Movies, my new blog!

My name is Daniel Mumby. I'm 23, I'm British, and I live in the North-East of England about a hour's drive from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

By day I'm Business Development Manager for a great community radio station, Lionheart Radio. But whenever I'm not working, one of my big passions is film (or movies, for the benefit of both alliteration and our American friends). I love film, simple as, and this is a way for may to share this love in a way which is hopefully inspiring, entertaining, informative and intelligent (not sure about the last one, mind).

I talk about films whenever I can. Through my involvement with Lionheart Radio I host Mix and Match with Mumby every Thursday 1-3pm, which has a film section on it (the show blog is found here but it's a little out of date). I also contribute to The Movie Hour every Saturday 10-11am, which you can download as a podcast via the Lionheart Radio 'Interviews' tab - follow the link above and you'll find it.

I also write occassionally for a great site called WhatCulture - my recent article, a Top 10 of 2011, can be found here. Finally, my main hoarde of film reviews can be found here, a blog which I run with two good friends, Tom Wales and Seb Evans. I've been writing on there for a while, but felt it was right to branch out on my own. I'll still be posting/ copying up there for a little while until this site gets settled, but eventually that will be mothballed.

So, that's all you need to know about me for the moment. If you like what you've seen or heard so far, please subscribe, leave a comment, and I'll start the reviews coming in as soon as I can.

Happy new year :)



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